About Grading and Certificates

Our Level System

Arts Atelier 146 is a highly skilled based institution that trains students to become industry professionals. Instead of using traditional letter grades which reflect a grade point average, we use a level system. This is so students can focus on developing their skills instead of aiming for the minimum passing letter grade. For instance, a failing grade is traditionally 59% or less; However, at Arts Atelier 146, it just means you’re starting your artistic journey somewhere between the Novice and Intermediate Levels. The five scale levels will provide the student a more realistic indication of where their knowledge and skill sets compare to industry standards.

Grading Scale

Professional Level (100 – 81) Skills demonstrate industry standard in all aspects of technical execution and craft with strong use of advanced techniques.

Advanced Level (80 – 61) The work shows strong comprehension of technical and artistic skills with some use of advanced techniques. Demonstrates industry standard quality overall.

Intermediate Level (60 – 41) Some skills are developing, but foundational skills and application of design principles need more practice.

Amateur Level (40 – 21) The work needs some improvement in basic foundational and design skills.

Novice Level (20 – 0) The work needs significant improvement in basic foundational skills and the design may not be cohesive.

Best Practices to Improve Your Level

Put in your mileage. In other words: practice, practice, practice. Skills are not easy to develop and will not develop after watching a few videos. You must put plenty of time and energy into targeting your weakest areas and learning to play toward your strengths. In our experience, students who improve the quickest listen carefully to critiques and practice both inside and outside of class.

Awarded Certificates

A Certificate of Completion is awarded to students who complete all courses within a Program Area at an Advanced or Professional Level. This means that any course completed at an Intermediate Level or below will not count toward a certificate. Students working toward a certificate will be required to retake courses that were completed below an Advanced Level.

Please note that any student completing courses through a Membership Plan will not receive credit toward a Certificate Program Area. This is because courses completed through a Membership Plan do not receive instructor evaluation.