Our Vision

About Us

Arts Atelier 146 is a Christ-centered institution of creative professionals. It is a School for Creative Exploration while building the students foundations both artistically and spiritually.

Our vision as an institution is to provide the knowledge and skills necessary for students to become industry professionals in the fields of drawing, illustration, graphic design, animation, and art of gaming at an affordable cost.

Each course is developed by professional artists to offer students a rigorous creative curriculum based on foundational concepts dating back to the Renaissance. These concepts provide the building blocks to properly prepare students for the entertainment industry. Students will be able to use this knowledge and skill to springboard their career in fields such as illustration, environment design, creature design, character animation, storyboard, game art, modeling, and more.

“Our reward is to see our students become skilled, working professionals in the arts.”

Our studio courses are affordable and available for anyone desiring to develop their artistic skills whether they are just starting on their artistic journey or already have some professional experience. The student will have the option to enroll into one of our future Diploma Programs or take courses of their choice so they can strengthen specific skills. Each student will receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of each course stating their current skill level.

Our Mission

We exist to help transform higher education by providing a low-cost, quality education founded on knowledge and skill within a Christ-centered environment. Many liberal art colleges and universities today focus on free expression and installation art. They have abandoned the dynamic drawing and painting skills needed for the entertainment industry. Sadly, many art students who attend such schools can never use their degree or find employment all while paying excessively on student loans. Students no longer have to pay the high cost of a university degree to get the skills they need for the entertainment industry. 

We are creating a learning environment where students can focus on developing their creative skills without paying for courses that are unrelated to the student’s field and escalate the cost for an education. The industry is not interested in the student’s grade in philosophy or psychology. They are interested in the student’s artistic skill. At Arts Atelier 146, the student is able to develop a dynamic portfolio that showcases their artistic skills and knowledge of the arts.

What is an Atelier?

In French, the word ‘atelier’ means studio or workshop. It dates as far back as the Middle Ages and into the 19th century. In those days, a master would train a small number apprentices in a studio in hopes that they would become masters one day. Today, this teaching style has been replaced by the Academy or Atelier schools. However, the goal remains the same: to train students to become masterful in their field by providing knowledge and skill from working professionals.

Partnerships and Memberships

Arts Atelier 146 offers courses in partnership with the Florence Classical Arts Academy. Both schools focus on the foundational concepts that began during the Renaissance and which still continue even in the digital age.  Because of this partnership, students can choose to take courses in Florence and learn the classical arts foundations of drawing and painting through the examples of the Renaissance masters.

Because we strive to be an international school of the arts, Florence Classical Arts Academy instructors may teach classes or workshops at our location in Burgin, Kentucky or vice versa. Courses completed at FCAA will count as credit toward a diploma at Arts Atelier 146.

Additionally, Arts Atelier 146 is a member of the Burgin Chamber of Commerce in Kentucky. Arts Atelier 146 | Education | Art Galleries | Graphic Design – Mercer County Chamber of Commerce, KY (mercerchamber.com)

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