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Building foundations artistically and spiritually.

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Take your illustrative skills to the level with courses covering the basic concepts of drawing from imagination while using life as a reference.

Texture & Lighting

Boost your understanding of texture and light to strenthgen your portfolio. We teach concepts of light for 2D and 3D environments.

3D Modeling

Learning 3D modeling using industry standard software and prepare your skills for a career in gaming or animation.

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Quality Learning

Our online courses include several hours of pre-recorded lectures and demos. You can also take your learning experience deeper through weekly critique and livestream with an instructor.

Professional Instructors

Get the best learning experience while studying under our knowledgeable instructors. Each instructor has professional experience in their given field and can help you improve your artistic and technical skills that meet industry standards.

Lifetime Access

When you enroll in one of our courses, you get access to the course lessons even after the course has ended. This includes any updates or additions to course content.

Christian Perspective

We believe that God has called us to be artists for His glory. Join your fellow Christian artists in building an ever-expanding, Kingdom-driven community so we can be the salt and light in the industry.

Exodus 31:3

Improve Your Skills

Take a course with an instructor and get weekly critiques and feedback via livestream.

Course Features

Instructor Feedback

Ask your Instructor questions during livestreams and get weekly feedback on your assignments.

Lifetime Access

Access your course anytime and review lesson content at your own pace even after the end of a course.


Receive a certificate when you complete a course with quality marks on your assignments.

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Future Program Areas

It is our desire to train our students to become Christ-centered industry professionals. We’re working hard to develop courses in the following Program Areas so you can develop all the skills you need to thrive in your artistic career:

  • Illustration

  • Animation

  • Gaming

  • Graphic Design

  • Traditional Arts

Support the Vision

We are a non-profit art institution that practices the values and teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ. Your donation helps support:

  • Quality Christ-centered education
  • Continued ministry through the arts
  • Prepare future artists to be salt and light in the art industry

About Our Vision

From the Chief Executive Director

Welcome to Arts Atelier 146. This place was created for you to help prepare you for what the creative industry requires in the arts. Our faculty are industry professionals and all have master degrees, so you will receive the best instruction possible. I personally am looking forward to seeing every one of your skills develop.

William Morse CED